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I shop at PetSmart/PetCo
Well...this is awkward
If I cop something, will my Dogs freshness be elevated?
Is MJ the GOAT?
I don't have a dog
Adopt then cop or cop then adopt (hit up the homies @barknbitches)
I saw another "streetwear" dog brand
Bitch (a female dog) we're a "dogwear" brand...woof! Second, we actually make dope shit like poop emoji waste bags. Third, we're kind of a big deal on "social" #chewondat #wackaflackier
Are all sales final? 
Between CHEW and
What's your favorite dog movie? 
Toss up between Air Bud and Old Yeller...just kidding geez.
Are you looking for dogfluencers? 
If the CHEW fits.
This is mad corny 
A: But you've made it this far and you're still me a piece of that corn!
*Nacho voice*
Will you guys come out with more product? 
Chew already know!
If Nike were a dog company what do you think their slogan be? 
These hoes ain't loyal
Time to get yourself a dog yo
Underdog vs Snoop Dogg??
Hype + Beast
Yeah - we know
How would you describe the aesthetic of the brand? 
Canine Couture
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