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CHEW: an experiment in dogwear design. 


What the hell is dogwear design?? We're not 💯 sure but it sounded pretty gangsta when I was coming up with our bio and worth betting a few grands to find out. So here's the story - I've been sitting on this idea for ruff-ly 3 years and decided it may be worth "experimenting" with. So I enlisted two knuckleheads aka Cousin Allan and Uncle Moon to help me disrupt the dog world a little bit. Collectively we have invested countless hours listening to rhythmic raps, scrolling through streetwear sites and stacking sneakers in hopes of contributing something back to the culture that created us. So without further ado we bring you CHEW.



Before we get called out on an interview asking what kind of dogs each of us owns, I'm gonna be real blunt - none of us currently own any pups. And until you buy enough of our stuff to dedicate additional office space (we actually still need one of those) for a few furry friends we will do our part and help keep your lil' sparky looking fresh.  


We do it for the dogs broooo *kanye voice* but CHEW already knew that!



Team Chewpreme